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About Us

Studio Ceramique About Us Hero Image
Studio Ceramique About Us Hero Image
Studio Ceramique About Us Hero Image
About studio ceramique

Yes, we make amazing products !

Known for its vulnerability and its non-conformity to world standards, Moroccan ceramics is coming back to the surface. Thanks to Studio Ceramique a production unit created by two Moroccans. A doctor in ceramics “Brek Gharbage” ex researcher of the research center of Lisbon and member trainer, advised to Morocco Millinum Challenge and “Chakib El Boustani” the first craftsman of the porcelain in Morocco, a marketer of formation.


Studio Ceramique uses new techniques unknown until now in Moroccan ceramics, namely the technique of pouring, emptying and dyeing under glaze, it produces a very soft and resistant ceramic it perpetuates the tradition of Zouak, while innovating very soft, fine patterns as most visitors say.

The ceramics produced by us are of a very high mechanical resistance worthy of a modern Morocco, dishwasher safe, and food for an elegant but also healthy table… Studio Ceramique innovate by creating a ceramic of cooking, a chamotte patte which resists has high temperatures.

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After only one year and a few months of existence, we has already participated in several exhibitions and fairs such as the prestigious “Maison et Objet” fair in Villepinte, France twice and Riad Art Expo in Marrakech. Studio Ceramique has been twice guest of honor at the regional exhibitions of crafts in Casablanca and Mohemmadia.

Moroccan ceramics has experienced several eras, between consecration in international exhibitions and blocking the export, many jolts have shaken the profession to say the least. Ceramics is a branch that includes several sub-branches such as red earth, white earth, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

Morocco is well known for its red clay and has had a hard time breaking into the international market because of its lack of respect for international standards. Several shipments for food use were refused in borders such as Germany or the United States.

Morocco has deployed several means to alleviate this problem but also for the promotion of its product “Moroccan hand craft”. Several institutions were created for this purpose as the house of the craftsman instance that depends on the Ministry of supervision. This authority has for main object to sell the Moroccan handicraft product.

Several cells of control were created by the ministry in order to make samples in various regions which are subjected to tests of international standards by the laboratory “CETEMCO” which certifies the products after their conformity following the example of the NORMES NM ISO 6486-2.

Several private initiatives deserve to be listed as that of the company Studio Ceramique which with an imported knowledge (that of the casting emptying *) and local techniques were able to produce a new porcelain and ceramics with a great mechanical and thermal resistance qualified as soft porcelain.

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The ceramics produced by Studio Ceramique is a 100% handmade ceramic, no decalcomania is used for the patterns. All the patterns are made with a brush using natural pigments only as organic products do not resist high temperature.

We are tackling a new register of order, namely the firing porcelain so we produce high quality cooking material. The porcelain of cooking register reserved formerly for the big companies as Emile Henry, the crucible. Studio Ceramique deviates from the rule and innovates in the matter with a plus value, the personalized handmade.

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